RED needs your help. Also known as the Rackspace Experience Design team, RED gathers insights from users of Rackspace products and services, which are then used to inform design decisions that help us continue delivering our award-winning...

As a leading provider of cloud-based software for some of the world’s largest enterprises (think Goodyear Tires or Whirlpool Appliances), ProcessMAP has been helping customers mitigate risk associated with corporate compliance and...
The Download

Happy Friday everyone! Just as we did back in January, we'd like to dedicate some editorial space this week to one of the most important parts of Rackspace — our customers. As providers...

This guest post was written by Daniel Holm, Director of Enterprise Solutions at InterWorks. A company the caliber of Rackspace inevitably has partners of all shapes and sizes which help serve an...

Tagboard, which has found solid footing in the social media aggregation and display business has leveraged Rackspace’s managed ObjectRocket solution, which helps maintain their back-end data stores.

Corra Marketing Copywriter Sasha Butkovich sat down with Rackspace Magento Practice Lead Justin McSheehy to talk about what Rackspace brings to the world of ecommerce and how it sets us apart.

ExpenseWatch has partnered with Rackspace to help them continue to build on their success as a leading spend management platform.
The Download

In this week's Download, we highlight three of our most recent customers, all of which are using Rackspace in different ways to enhance their businesses.

Looking back at the previous week's After Hour Recap, which hosted Rackspace Senior Process Engineer Robert Chapa. Robert builds the automation that drives fanatical support, and talks about how he harnesses New Relic Inisghts to optimize and cut down on costs.

Scicasts, which offers a single, searchable resource of the massive information stream the scientific community needs access to, relies on Rackspace to help manage its big data analytics through Hadoop.

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If you're confused about the differences between OpenStack and virtualization, you're not alone. They are indeed different, and this post will describe how, review some practical ‘good...