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Increased storage, security and cost-saving measures are now available to enhance the already-robust Office 365 suite available from Rackspace, making it even more attractive to a wider variety of business users.
Every employee expects email to “just work.” But in reality, there are many complex factors to consider when it comes to business email, from server maintenance to spam filtering and security. And whenever email servers go down, productivity grinds to a halt—costing businesses thousands or, in some cases, even millions of dollars.
The number of reported data breaches in the U.S. reached a record high in 2014 — and that record is likely to be eclipsed in 2015.
A recent infographic and white paper, Email Security Best Practices and Avoiding Unplanned Downtime, highlights just how email-reliant businesses of all sizes have become. With the average employee sending and receiving 110 messages per day, and with 30 minutes of downtime costing more than $25,000 for a 1,000-user company, the stakes for business email are higher than ever.
Our guest blogger today is Ken Goldberg, president of Microcomputer Consulting Group (MCG), which assists clients in applying technology to solve business problems in a cost effective, streamlined and intelligent manner. MCG is also part of Rackspace’s Email Reseller program. You can read more about their high-performance cloud infrastructure in this case study. Below, Goldberg writes about how natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy made many companies rethink their on-premise IT strategy:
Email is the lifeblood of an organization; the predominant way we communicate and get things done. For most employees, more time is spent using email than any other application. We average 110 emails a day, and spend roughly two and a half hours a day on email — and for many of us, use is far higher.
Cloud Office at Rackspace thrived in 2014 with major product developments and huge customer wins. Each year Cloud Office teams strategize on how to provide the best services and products for our customers worldwide. The execution of those strategies in 2014 resulted in a mega year for Cloud Office and our customers alike.
Criminals are constantly on the lookout for ways to tap your credit card. With just five simple steps, however, you can greatly reduce your exposure to these crooks – or at least limit the amount of damage they can cause – and keep your inbox safe.
The wait is finally over for public folders in Hosted Exchange 2013. Exchange Public Folders let you share calendars, tasks, contacts and email across your organization. You can access folders from Outlook and other Exchange mail clients, the same way you access your personal folders.
Email is a critical business communication tool. Unfortunately, recipients often ignore emails, leaving your message unread. Researching ways to make your emails better often leaves you with beginner tips, instead of real actionable advice.
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