CDN so easy even marketing can do it

Last week when we were preparing everything for the launch of CDN support in Cloud Files, I was talking with Krisana, our Marketing Manager.  I was explaining how simple our team has made it to take files stored on our cost-effective Cloud Files system and share them publicly across Limelight Networks’premium global content delivery network.  I said, “It’s so easy…even YOU could do it!”  Thankfully, Krisana has a good sense of humor and understood the point I was making: we’ve succeeded in breaking down a lot of the barriers that have traditionally stood in the way of CDN adoption.  We’ve removed minimum commits and contracts.  We’ve removed complicated set up and integration processes–every Cloud Files account has access to the CDN as soon as it is set up.  Publishing content is incredibly simple whether you choose to use the API or the web-based graphical tools we’ve built.  There are no hard-to-understand or predict pricing models, just a simple tiered scheme based solely on bandwidth usage.    

And we’ve done all of this in partnership with one of the most experienced, top-tier CDN providers in the market.    

Since the announcement this morning, I’ve heard several other people make the statement “It’s so easy I can do it.”  That gets to the core of what we think the cloud is about and what we are trying to do at Mosso.  We want to open up these powerful technologies so everyone can take advantage of the benefits, not just the very technical or very rich.  You can read more details about the CDN integration on the Cloud Files CDN page or in the press release.
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