Cell Phone Do Not Call Registry

I was shown an email today that talked about the creation of a 411 lookup service for cell phones and a big rush in cell phone telemarketing that would follow.  The email encouraged readers to sign up for the federal government’s Do Not Call registry by dialing a phone number.

Fact Mingled With Fiction

Yes, there really is a cell phone 411 service being created.  Yes, the federal government has a registry of phone numbers that most telemarketers are required to avoid.


The 411 service is being built for consumers and does not support telemarketing.  It is like 411 for regular phones: call and ask for a person by name and area to get a phone number.

The national Do Not Call registry is only for home phones.  We can all hope that if cell phone telemarketing ever begins in earnest that the registry will allow cell phone numbers to be listed, too.

Read more at snopes.com and urbanlegends.about.com.



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