Certified Private Clouds: Protect Your Existing Enterprise Storage Investment

One of the most difficult aspects of migrating existing IT applications to the cloud is setting up appropriate storage for those applications. In fact, one of the questions I am frequently asked by our customers is how to set up Rackspace Private Cloud Software to enable their business take advantage of enterprise storage. This dilemma historically has not been easy to solve, since current cloud storage solutions require either re-writing applications to use object storage or using new technologies like NoSQL databases.

In most cases, existing enterprise applications cannot be easily modified to take advantage of these new cloud technologies. The OpenStack Cinder project can expose storage volumes to instances; however the default open source implementation limits your data’s resiliency to the RAID protection of a single server.

To provide more resilient storage options, Rackspace has certified private clouds running on EMC and NetApp storage platforms in order to capitalize on your existing enterprise storage investment. We have written implementation guides for each certified storage platform in our Private Cloud Knowledge Center. Those articles detail setting up a Rackspace Private Cloud on top of those storage platforms and cover the architectures and the ideas behind them.

As we certify more platforms and solutions, look out for additional implementation guides about more plugin providers as well as emerging storage technologies in the cloud.

You can read the implementation details in the following documents, and can view all our tech resources at the Private Cloud Tech Center.

Implementing OpenStack Cinder with EMC Storage on the Rackspace Private Cloud Software
An implementation guide for configuring Rackspace Private Cloud Software to utilize EMC VNX or VMAX enclosures as a storage target for Cinder volumes.

Implementing OpenStack Cinder with NetApp Storage on the Rackspace Private Cloud Software
An implementation guide to configuring Rackspace Private Cloud Software to utilize NetApp Enclosures running OnTap 8.1 as a target for Cinder volumes.

Building a Rackspace Private Cloud with Linux iSCSI Volumes
An implementation guide to building a Rackspace Private Cloud with external storage that targets Enterprise IT applications. Volumes are provided via the Cinder volume service running on Linux server head units.

Paul is a Private Cloud Architect focusing on Enterprise Cloud Solutions. He joined Rackspace in 2003 to focus on Linux Engineering and customer support. In 2008, Paul began working on what would eventually become the Rackspace open cloud. Today he focuses on integrating infrastructure and applications with OpenStack, specifically targeting solutions for enterprises. Paul is passionate about transforming all areas of traditional IT into cloud models, such as evolving cloud application design, using DevOps for continuous product delivery and designing software-driven infrastructure. Outside of Rackspace, Paul enjoys ultra-light backpacking and fly-fishing on the Guadalupe River, when he's not hammering out code at the local coffee shop.


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