Certify Your Web Site To Scale

Filed in by Angela Bartels | July 21, 2009 11:28 am

When it comes to testing your web application, the most difficult part is probably reproducing high levels of user traffic. It’s a tough question to address: how do you test and model real-world usage before all that traffic bombards your site?

SOASTA[1], the leader in cloud testing, has announced a Performance Certification Program[2] designed to enable companies deploying software in the Cloud, at hosted data centers, or behind corporate firewalls to certify that their website has been tested and has met or exceeded industry benchmarks for performance at peak levels of user traffic.

The Rackspace Cloud, along with other industry leaders in cloud computing, is supporting SOASTA in this performance certification initiative. Lew Moorman quotes:

“To our customers, performance matters! By utilizing the SOASTA Performance Certification program our customers will have the ability to isolate performance issues before they occur by simulating real world user activity and traffic. Performance certification ensures that websites are being tested, which only leads to greater levels of reliability.”

How Performance Certification Works

SOASTA Performance Certification is designed as a turnkey process, minimizing disruption by eliminating any unnecessary impact on the existing environment. SOASTA and its partners collaborate with companies to define common use cases and then simulate those scenarios in the most accurate way possible-by using the web to test the web.

There are a number of purpose built tools to analyze the performance characteristics of individual components of a web-based application, such as web page design, application design, database implementation, or network architecture. SOASTA’s Performance Certification leverages its Global CloudTestTM Platform to provide an affordable end-to-end analysis of a site’s performance as well as measure responsiveness at normal and peak usage levels. Certified sites receive a comprehensive report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), with a focus on response times achieved at various user loads.

Certification confirms that the site has been tested at specific traffic volume levels (1K, 10K, 25K, 50K, or 100K users) and has been measured against KPIs such as response time and error rates. In addition, as part of the certification process SOASTA and its partners provide valuable analysis of site latency to help companies improve the overall performance and responsiveness of their website.

Read the full press release here: http://soa.sys-con.com/node/1041872[3]

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