Chartio: Building Beautiful Charts With Your Data

Data will always be important because it provides many answers to questions of inventory, conversion rates, and profitability. While charting data is not new, Chartio makes it easy for anyone whether you’re technical or not to understand their data in a powerful but lightweight dashboard. As companies become more data driven, it will be even more important to be able collect, analyze, interpret, and deploy the next decision based on the information provided.

Dave Fowler, Founder and CEO, explains that Chartio makes setting up a dashboard easy by integrating with your existing data securely including MySQL, Amazon Web Services RDS, Rackspace Cloud Databases, Salesforce, and Google Analytics.  Today Chartio announced support for Salesforce making it easy to see your Salesforce data in real-time and alongside other data sources. Besides charting your data, Chartio is setting out to make your data as stunning as it can be with its great interactive dashboard.

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