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Check Out Rackspace’s New DevOps Blog

Rackspace recently launched a brand-new DevOps blog that aims to┬ádeliver meaty technical content for developers. It’s seriously all tech, all the time: code snippets, sample code, best practices, infrastructure automation, software development kits (SDKs) and technical guidance from industry experts. Here are some recent posts:

Configuring PTR records using the DNS API

Using your iPhone to bootstrap Cloud Servers

Using libcloud with Puppet

Node.Js: a peek under the hood

Be sure to tune into the DevOps blog frequently for fresh technical content.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Hart Hoover.

Hart Hoover is a Cloud Strategist at Rackspace Hosting. Hoover started his career as a Racker in 2007 as a Linux Systems Administrator, providing technical support for dedicated servers. He moved to the cloud in 2009 to help design the Managed Cloud Servers support model. He has presented at various technical conferences, maintains and contributes to the Rackspace DevOps Blog, and advises Rackspace customers on best practices for cloud computing.

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