Chicago Data Center Now Open!

Courtesy of Churchill + Klehr Photography

Since the launch of our cloud computing platform, we’ve been committed to providing customers a hosting solution that is scalable, fast, and available on-demand. We first offered cloud services from  our San Antonio datacenter 5 years ago and quickly expanded to our Dallas datacenter. With our tremendous growth, we’ve now  expanded into new territory—outside of Texas! The Rackspace Cloud is now offering Cloud Servers in our new, state-of-the-art Chicago datacenter. This gives our customers greater geographic diversity when building out their cloud hosting infrastructure.

Our Chicago facility, ORD1, boasts 34,000 square feet and is home to both dedicated and cloud servers. Security, as with all our facilities, is rigorous—on-site 24/7 staff, alarm system, card key access, CCTV archived video and host of other state-of-the-art security measures. With fully redundant power supplies, multiple backup generators, hosts of Tier 1 Internet providers, and laser-based early smoke detection, ORD1 has been fitted out to maximize safety and contingency planning.  Customers retain administrative control of their servers while Rackspace manages the dedicated networking hardware.

We’re excited to offer Cloud Servers in this new, best-in-class facility. And because we’re poised for continued growth, we’re also hiring! From  Datacenter Infrastructure Techs to a Network Engineers, we’re looking to attract the best talent in the industry.  Come learn why Rackspace has made the Fortune 100 list of Best Companies To Work For.

Job listings can be found at the link below. Click on the Elk Grove, IL location.

  • Existing customers will have new server provisioned in the same place as their existing ones. Newly provisioned accounts, or ones that have never launched Cloud Servers before will begin using the data center in Chicago.

    • For geographic diversity, it would be very useful to be able to select Chicago for a new server even though my other ones are in DFW. Also, can we come tour the new Chicago facility?

  • KB

    Ah ok, so if my account is already running via DFW will I not be able to choose the NOC when setting up a new virtual?

    • KB

      Anyone confirm whether there might be plans for DFW accounts to be able to create virtuals in both locations from the one account?

      • KB,

        In the future you will be able to select which Data Center you want to create your new Cloud Servers in. At the moment the system automatically chooses a Data Center for you based on capacity and proximity to existing Cloud Servers. If you would like to override this default behavior contact our support team and they can work with you on some other options.


  • Dmitri

    We also need an ability to be able to create some servers in one Data Center and some servers in others and then link them together for High availability. We are also looking to be able to add servers in European and Oceania data centers, so we can bring more of our Fortune 500 clients. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Hey Guys,

    Glad to hear that growth is meaning more datacenters are being brought online.

    Any plans for getting a datacenter in the APAC (Sydney, Singapore or Hong Kong) region up and running? When one does let me know, as there are lot of projects that I would be keen to use RackSpaceCloud for but latency to the States from Australia is a bit of an issue on some cases.


    • Damon,

      I absolutely agree. I’m using the Rackspace Cloud for a bunch of projects for Australian clients but the latency is really bugging me.