Chris Brogan, Social Media Expert, Selects Mosso

Chris Brogan ( recently moved his blog to Cloud Sites, and today he blogged about his initial experience.

Chris teaches companies how to use Social Media tools to enhance their customer communications, increase sales, visibility, etc.  As Chris says,

“I was pretty pleased with the transition from one service to the other, but what really won me was when I mentioned on Twitter that I was in the midst of moving over to Mosso, their @mosso account saw it and responded back quickly.

So yes, we are on Twitter – and we would love for you to follow us!  Chris goes on to talk about Mosso:

They have all kinds of packages and it depends on your needs. Turns out I needed a pretty robust service for all the traffic I’m passing. You might get away with something different. If you’re interested, here’s a nifty affiliate link to the different offerings they have.

So far, a month or so in, I can vouch for Mosso as being reliable, fast, and responsive. It’s everything I need in a service.

Thanks for the kind words, Chris – we will continue to work hard to earn your admiration and to keep you, and every other Mosso Customer, happily hosted on the Mosso Cloud!

If you have any questions about Mosso, concerns about how we handle high volume sites – anything at all – please ask us in Live Chat.  We’re here ready to help 24/7*365!

Father of two, mother of none. Rob has lived across the globe. He has moved back to San Antonio more times than most people move. Now he's here to stay (so he says!) Rob loves fixing things which explains his backgrounds in medicine, software quality assurance and customer care.


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