Rackspace Business Productivity Rx: Classic Productivity Posts

Even before we started our Productivity Rx series, we were on your side when it comes to productivity. As a reminder of some of our favorites, here are a few classic posts containing tips and tricks to save time and increase efficiency.

Getting Organized with Microsoft Outlook Rules 
This is our most read and linked-to post to date, full of rules you can set in Outlook to automatically keep you organized without even thinking about it.

Remembering to Attach the Attachment
No more forgotten attachments! With these two posts, learn how to avoid the dreaded “there’s no attachment” email.

Save Time by Sending Blind
Sending an email to many recipients? Use “blind carbon copy” to prevent recipients from wasting others’ time with needless replies.

Using Flags to Organize Your Inbox
Learn how to prioritize your Rackspace Email inbox using flags.


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