Client Libraries, APIs and More at the Rackspace Cloud Tools Site

Michelle Greer, Sr. Mgr. Corporate Development

Rackspace took a lot of feedback in terms of its cloud API and we are seeing a fair amount of activity around it.  Here are a few submissions to our cloud tools site and in GitHub that will make building other tools for our cloud a lot easier:

Compass Cloudfiles PHP API: Cloudfiles PHP API runs on the Zend Framework.

Elastic Rack: Java API for the Rackspace Cloud.

JClouds: Cloud storage interoperability API in Java.

C#/.NET API for Rackspace Cloud Files: New release enabling support for referrer acls and user agent acls on public containers.

RightScale Ruby Gems: Ruby client library with full programmatic access to Rackspace Cloud.

Ruby Cloud Files: Ruby API Library for Cloud Files.

LibCloud: a standard client library for many popular cloud providers, written in Python.

PHPRackCloud: PHP client library to use Rackspace CloudServer API from inside your PHP application.

Rackspace Cloud PHP library: PHP5 client library to talk to the Rackspace Cloud API.

I’m sure I’m missing some here, so we’d really appreciate it if you’d drop links to other APIs and client libraries in the comments of this post.  You can also check out many other tools for the Rackspace Cloud at our GitHub account.

If you already have a tool that works with our API, feel free to submit it to our tools site by filling out this form.

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  1. I hadn’t spotted that there was a submission page for Rackspace Cloud API tools, thanks for pointing that out!

    Any particular reason the logo is required though? I have a basic Ruby gem for accessing the Rackspace Cloud Servers API quickly and easily, called rackspace-cloud ( I can’t submit it on the tools page though as it requires a logo image to be uploaded, and seeing as how it’s an ultra simple Ruby library, it doesn’t really have/need one!

  2. Elliot,

    There are other tools on our site that don’t have logos, so you can honestly put anything in there and we’ll make sure to just leave it blank on the site.

    I’m meeting with our webmaster soon and will see about making that field optional. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. What about Cloud Sites ‘s API? It’s the perfect platform but handling a manual migration is not feasible… We need an API! 🙁

    • Francisco,

      APIs are a key component to cloud computing, so we’re committed to offering a full set of APIs for all products and services – including Sites. We have not begun work on a Sites API, so I’d like to hear more about what functionality you want to see in the Sites API. Your feedback will help us make sure we plan for the right set of features. Feel free to send me a note directly:


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