Cloud Avengers Rescue Broken Website Images

Filed in by Lizetta Staplefoote | January 23, 2012 1:39 pm

[1]Those tasked with managing a business’s website know that even when something small looks amiss on the site, you’ll hear about it in triplicate from everyone – the CEO all the way down to the janitor. Reduce the risk of hearing about site anomalies, like broken images, slow load times, and shopping cart hiccups, with cloud-based services[2] to host your entire site or to offload  elements, like file hosting[3] or load balancing[4]. By moving pieces of your website operation to the cloud, you can decrease strain on your local hardware resources and access on-demand compute power to cover campaigns or traffic spikes. Follow Karen as she gets a break from broken images on her company’s website from the Cloud Avengers.

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