Cloud Backup Strategies to “Cover Your IaaS”

We’ve all heard horror stories of individuals and businesses losing their data to hardware or software failure.  “IT Happens,” as they say, so why not take a moment or two and mitigate the risk of data loss and hardship by reviewing or updating your backup strategy?  Here are a number of helpful tips and tricks to back up your data.

Tip #1: Cloud Backup is your Friend.

Rackspace Cloud Backup is a file-based backup application that lets you choose which files and folders to back up from your cloud server. You can choose to restore your whole system with all of its folders and files, restore individual files or folders from a given date or restore to an entirely different server.

Cloud Backup comes pre-configured with Managed Operations and pre-installed with our Managed Infrastructure service levels. One can also add and configure Cloud Backup via our control panel or programmatically via a script. Get started with the links below:

Tip #2:  Cloud Block Storage provides portability and speedy recovery.

Cloud Block Storage  may not immediately come to mind as a backup solution but, it does serve as an important part of your overall cloud strategy, by providing portability, easy recovery and Snapshots.

  • Portability: Cloud Block Storage works much like a portable drive. It can be attached to one server and later detached and re-attached to another server. This makes moving data between servers convenient, as all files and folders can be moved by detaching the drive from your old server and attaching it to the new server. Read Best practices for backing up your data: Cloud Block Storage versus Cloud Backup for more information.
  • Detach & Store: Preserving a standard Volume? Why not simply detach and store a “ready-to-go” CBS volume in the cloud?  The advantage of this method is that one can simply re-attach a volume to drastically reduce recovery time.
  • Snapshots & Clones: A snapshot is a copy made of your volume at a specific moment in time. It contains the full directory structure of the volume. Snapshots can be used as incremental backups of your volumes, as restore points for your data, as long-term storage for your data or as starting points for new Cloud Block Storage (CBS) volumes. All Snapshots are stored in Rackspace Cloud Files.Create and use Cloud Block Storage snapshots now.

Tip #3: Cloud Files is designed to be highly available and fault tolerant.

One of the advantages of using Rackspace Cloud Files (a highly scalable and dynamic object store) for your backup solution is higher durability. By default, Rackspace creates three full copies of your file on different storage nodes in logical zones within a Rackspace data center. Another advantage of using Cloud Files as a backup solution is when it comes time to access your files at a later date, we leverage Akamai’s CDN to serve up files at blazing speeds. Explore more resources below:

Your data is your business. Providing options and helping our customers mitigate the risk of losing their vital data is our business. Log into your Cloud Control panel and configure your cloud backup options today!


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