Cloud Block Storage Volume Cloning Now In Control Panel

Starting today you can create copies of existing Cloud Block Storage volumes from the Control Panel with Volume Cloning.

You’re probably familiar with creating volumes from scratch, or creating volumes from snapshots, you can think of Volume Cloning as creating volumes from volumes.

Prior to Volume Cloning, if you wanted to make a copy of your CBS volume, you had to first snapshot your volume and then use the snapshot to create a new volume. While this process worked fine for most customers, it proved to be challenging for our customers who wanted quick access to the new volume. The main challenge was the amount of time it took to write the volume data in and out of Cloud Files during the snapshot and volume creation process.

With Volume Cloning, copies are now done directly between storage nodes, so the process is much quicker. Using the old snapshot method, creating a snapshot and then spinning up a new volume from that snapshot could take up to 45 minutes for a full 100 GB volume. With Volume Cloning, we’ve cut that down to about four minutes for that same 100 GB volume. Once the clone has completed, your volume is ready to be attached to your server and put to use.

Here’s what that process looks like:

From your Block Storage Volumes list, select the Action cogwheel next to the volume you wish to clone and choose Clone Volume.

When presented with the Volume Cloning popup, enter the volume name, volume type and size of the cloned volume. These can all be different than the original source volume. Now, select the Clone Volume button.

Depending on the size of the original volume, the cloning process can take several minutes. Once it has completed, you will have a usable copy of your original volume that can be attached to your server and is immediately ready for use.

For additional information on using Volume Cloning or details on any other Cloud Block Storage features, please refer to the Cloud Block Storage API Developer guide or visit the Cloud Block Storage Knowledge Center.

If you’re an API users, head on over to to learn more about using Volume Cloning through the API with command-line examples using cURL.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask them here, contact our Fanatical Support team or email me directly at

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Jose Malacara is a Product Manager on the Big Data team at Rackspace. Jose has 12 years of broad IT experience working in various engineering, sales and product roles. Jose holds a bachelor's degree in Geography from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Concordia University Texas. Jose joined Rackspace in 2012, excited to be part of a world-class organization that shares his passion for building great technology products. When he isn't chasing his two little ones around the house, Jose enjoys restoring his 1969 Ford Bronco and is an avid woodworker.


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