RackConnect Case Study: Cramer Development

Sometimes growth can be inconsistent and unpredictable – not ideal when trying to plan for traffic demands on your server. Leveraging the power of the Cloud with your dedicated servers has become a popular option for a growing number of Rackspace customers, thanks to scalability of the Cloud infrastructure.

Rackspace’s Hybrid Hosting approach allows web development firms like Cramer Development to support complex website needs without investing time and energy into standing up servers for temporary use or chasing scale to keep up with their clients’ growing needs. The built-in scalability of the cloud allows them to effortlessly adapt to variable website traffic and ensure their clients’ sites deliver the intended experience and functionality.

…With the suite of hosting services and supporting admin tools at Rackspace, the Cramer Development team can meet their clients’ application development needs while Rackspace handles the infrastructure layer.

For more information, click here to download the full case study.

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