RackConnect Picks Up Steam

With RackConnect, Rackspace customers can combine dedicated physical servers with Cloud Servers over a private, isolated connection. To show you how you can use this functionality in your business, we’ve documented how some of our customers are leveraging this capability to better serve their technology needs.  One of these customers, Major League Gaming, has built their online applications using RackConnect on a Rackspace hybrid platform to help keep them at the forefront of online game competitions:

Launching in 2006, Major League Gaming (MLG) brings the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat to millions of online gamers worldwide. By working with companies like Dr. Pepper, Kraft, and Nestle, MLG has been able to grow its user base to millions of gamers and users. MLG relies on its network of sites to deliver an optimal user experience for gamers and site visitors. The site draws huge crowds during the many new game launches and competitions they host throughout the year. They’ve built a reputation among gamers as the go-to place for game news, reviews, previews, and game-related media with a focus on online multi-player games and community based content.

Read the full Major League Gaming Case Study to learn more about how Rackspace has helped MLG to continue to grow their business.

Toby Owen is a Product Manager for RackConnect

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