Cloud Databases A Big Hit with Knowledge Base Provider HelpIQ

By Brett Ryckman, Founder and CEO, HelpIQ

HelpIQ is a user-friendly, team-friendly product for building an online destination for your knowledge base, user guides, and documentation. Our focus is on usability and user experience. We make it easy for a company to create a branded, self-service help center. You know when you are on a web site and you see a “help” or “documentation” link in the top right? We power that documentation hub.

HelpIQ powers the help centers for leading companies such as Adobe, Spirit Airlines, Accenture and many more.

When we first launched in 2011, I knew we wanted to host in the cloud since it offered many benefits such as cost, time-to-market and scalability. Customer service was also important. We knew as we grew we would have many questions, so we wanted a provider that offered stellar customer support. After extensive review we decided to go with Rackspace and have been very happy.

We started small and have grown into a multi-server setup complete with Cloud Load Balancers, Cloud Servers, Cloud Files and Cloud Databases.

When we moved over to Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers from the previous generation, we immediately noticed a significant increase in performance. Load times greatly improved. And we’ve experienced cost savings despite larger instance slices.

We are also really impressed with Cloud Databases. Our application is very heavy in reads/writes so we need a database that could handle our load. With Cloud Databases we instantly saw a significant performance increase. Customer feedback has also been very positive. We’ve gotten a great deal of unsolicited feedback about its responsiveness. Our customers are authoring thousands of articles per day so we need the reads/writes to be super fast.

As a fast growing start-up, the plug and play nature of Cloud Databases has helped us save a lot of time and resources. We do not have any of the headaches associated with managing database servers, such as performing patches or backups. It is really worry free. As we continue to grow, I am confident that I can scale up with Cloud Databases.

Using Rackspace Cloud Databases we get the performance boosts, a reliable cloud infrastructure and access to Rackspace’s Fanatical Support. To be able to quickly chat with a support rep has been very valuable. I know many of the support reps by first name now. I also like that I can tap into Rackspace specialists for advice on infrastructure and scaling.

We are excited to be customers of Rackspace and know it instills a level of confidence to our customers.


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