Cloud Files Adds CDN Video Streaming

Filed in Product & Development by Megan Meza | September 13, 2011 10:58 am

Cloud Files CDN customers often tell us they use Cloud Files [1]and the Akamai CDN[2] to serve their rich media websites by storing images and media files in Cloud Files and serving them fast over the Akamai CDN.  Now, customers can stream their video files from Cloud Files via Akamai’s CDN.

Video files are typically very large and are a perfect candidate for cloud storage and CDN streaming delivery. Most rich media sites and many advertisements are actually a combination of interactive images that turn into streaming video once the user begins to click around.  Rich media is about having quick and seamless interaction…not about downloading videos and waiting for buffering.   Streaming technology works by breaking up a video file into time frames so you can chose which point of the video stream you want to start playing from.  From a user’s perspective, this means they can jump around the video feed without having to wait for the whole video to download.

This feature, often called “random seek”, seems pretty basic until you go searching through a 10 minute video (which doesn’t have this feature) for an answer you know is waiting for you right around 8 and ½ minutes into the video.

We’ve implemented our streaming offer to cover two basic scenarios.  The first is the user that has a video in .flv or mp4 format.  We’ve launched support for Flowplayer[3], a popular video player, so that customers can simply embed the video with an out-of-the-box player.

The second use case is for customers comfortable with flash development.  Using the Open Source Media Framework (OSMF)[4], customers get access to their video libraries and develop their own players.

As many developers for rich media sites know all too well, attracting a consumer’s attention is hard enough these days. Losing it over long download times and poor video performance is frustrating.   Let Rackspace help you store these video files in the cloud and stream them over one of the industry’s fastest CDNs.

For simple instructions and how to get started, check out our Knowledge Center articles:

Cloud Files CDN Streaming FAQs[5]
Cloud Files CDN Streaming with the OSMF Plugins[6]
Cloud Files CDN Streaming with the Flowplayer Plugins[7]

Also, we have updated our Cloud Files API document here.[8]

If you have any questions about his feature, I am happy to answer your questions.

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