Cloud Files Aids In Resume Reinvention

Rackspace is helping businesses like Purzue create innovations around the hiring process.  Purzue is a 20-person, New Jersey-based startup that allows users to upload images, audio and video to create innovative multimedia resumes.

Rackspace Cloud Files helps Purzue serve millions of media files without worrying about storage limits or CDN. Jamie Aquila, the company’s chief technology officer, says Purzue is heavy in user-generated content, and this made handling storage a costly and time-consuming endeavor until the startup migrated to the Rackspace Cloud.

“When we were introduced to Cloud Files, we thought, ‘Bingo.’ We don’t have to worry about the storage, and we don’t have to worry about connecting to the CDN,” says Aquila. “Cloud Files handles that for us, to the point where we’ve totally ditched our own storage and our own servers. We rely on Rackspace for everything.”

Aquila means it when he says everything: in addition to Cloud Files, Purzue makes use of a full portfolio of Rackspace products, including Cloud Servers, Cloud Databases, and Cloud Load Balancers.

Thanks to Cloud Files, handling millions of user-uploaded media files is no longer a hassle, Aquila says. An open-standards API allows other applications to communicate directly with Cloud Files, which makes for a hands-off, automated process.

“As a CTO of a growing startup, time is money,” says Aquila. “If I’m wasting my time with moving files, building servers, and making sure databases aren’t crashing, then that cuts me out of managing the work that is being done in-house, improving our product and making it more successful.”

For more information on how Rackspace Cloud Files helps Purzue manage millions of media files without worrying about storage or CDN check out this case study.

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