Is Your Cloud Storage Stuck In A Proprietary Platform?

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Most interesting modern applications need fast and scalable cloud storage. Cloud storage is used in a variety of scenarios, from rich and video-intensive websites designed by media agencies for global brands, to enterprises running SharePoint and looking to reduce the size of the SQL Server database by offloading content to the cloud, to vendors of cloud archiving and data retention solutions.

The selection of your cloud storage platform is not something to be taken lightly, especially because it deals with your data. On one hand, you have proprietary platforms. These platforms effectively hold your data hostage because of lock-in, which can take many forms, including technical, operational, business or strategic lock-in.

Thanks to OpenStack, there are also open clouds. As it pertains to data and storage, an open cloud enables flexibility to counteract the force of data gravity. This flexibility also manifests itself across multiple dimensions, from strategic, to operational and even financial flexibility.

Cloud Files: One More Year Of Triple-Digit Storage Growth In The Open Cloud

Rackspace Cloud Files, our object storage offering, is powered by OpenStack Swift[1], which was built by Rackspace’s own Cloud Files engineers.

Rackspace is extremely excited to celebrate yet another year of triple-digit growth of Rackspace Cloud Files! This growth is one more example of how you, our customers, are redefining the delivery of applications and services to your users and customers using the Rackspace Cloud. It’s humbling to know that in just a few years all of your web sites, applications, blogs and video publishing sites have already stored billions of objects on our platform, making Cloud Files one of the largest deployments of OpenStack Swift that we know of in the world.

Cloud Files Storage Price Is Reduced By 33 Percent

Many of you have told us that you love our vision of an open cloud built on OpenStack and that you want to bring more workloads to Rackspace. One of the promises of the cloud is that providers such as Rackspace can reap economies of scale as increasingly more customers use our services. This growth achievement in Cloud Files gives us the opportunity to transfer these savings directly to you, our customers. We are excited to share the following pricing update with you: we are reducing the price of Rackspace Cloud Files storage from $0.15 to $0.10 per GB per month (or from 11 pence to 7 pence per GB per month in the UK). You will see this new price start to be reflected in your next invoice.

New Cloud Files Features: Static Website Hosting And Object Versioning

We also have two new capabilities that we want to share with you:

To learn more about these new features, check out our Cloud Files API Developers Documentation here[3]. These two features are already available via API, and we will be adding them to the Control Panel soon. While you are at it, explore the recently announced features[4] such as expiration dates, temporary URLs and support for form post, for example.

The Rackspace Cloud Is The Only Open Cloud Backed By Fanatical Support

With these updates, we hope to remove more roadblocks on your journey to the adoption of the open cloud. Over the next few weeks we will show you specific examples of how you can make use of our advanced features built on Cloud Files to create very interesting solutions.

As usual, we would love to assist you in getting your applications and data into the Rackspace Cloud, the only open cloud that is always backed by Fanatical Support. And remember, if you have large amounts of data, you can always send it to us using Rackspace’s Bulk Import[5].

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