Cloud Files: Your Storage Home in the Cloud

Cloud Files is the storage home to thousands of customers and it can benefit you, too. To learn how, check out the latest Cloud Files resources and news at the brand-new Cloud Files Resource Center. There, you’ll find videos, blog posts, customer case studies, whitepapers, data sheets and more—all about Cloud Files. Here are just a few of the questions that are answered on the new Cloud Files Resource Center:

How are companies like mine using Cloud Files?

Check out the many customer case studies.

Who created Cloud Files, anyway?

Check out the profile of three developers from the small powerhouse team that created the Cloud Files Swift code.

What is the history of OpenStack Object Storage, and what are the advantages of using an open source object storage solution?

Check out the Cloud Files/Swift Developers videos to hear directly from the developers that created the code.

What new and improved features have been added to Cloud Files?

Check out the list of Cloud Files articles and blogs that cover all the latest and greatest features.

We are adding content frequently, so be sure to bookmark the Cloud Files Resource Center and visit often. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the resource center, just let us know.


Jerry Schwartz is the Product Marketing Manager for Rackspace Cloud Files.

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