Cloud Founders: Innovation And Culture At Rackspace

Todd Morey and Jonathan Bryce started working on Cloud Sites as a side project outside of Rackspace when one of the Rackspace founders asked them to bring the project in-house. The cloud founders realized that having both hardware and world class datacenters available to them would be extremely beneficial.

At the time, Rackspace was primarily focused on delivering dedicated hosting solutions. However, our leadership had the foresight to look towards the future and spurred on the innovation in the cloud. Hear from the cloud founders as they talk about the innovation at Rackspace along with the shifts in the hosting industry and check out some of their other videos.

Did you know that Cloud Sites hosts more than 400,000 sites across 112 countries? Check out the infographic Rackspace Cloud Sites – A Look At The Numbers for more examples of the power of Cloud Sites.

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