Cloud Founders: Platform Hosting Vs. Regular Hosting

The hosting landscape was rapidly evolving when Jonathan Bryace and Todd Morey started Cloud Sites. At the time, providers were looking at ways to provide discounted hosting, but didn’t offer a lot of advantages to the customer. Cloud Sites changed this by offering a robust platform.

The end game was to build a platform that could power applications and sites. The founders didn’t want the user to worry about networking, databases, backups or server administration. They wanted people to be able to focus on their businesses and code to build something great. Hear from the cloud founders themselves as they talk about their vision for Cloud Sites and check out some of their other videos.

Did you know that Cloud Sites hosts more than 400,000 sites across 112 countries? Check out the infographic Rackspace Cloud Sites – A Look At The Numbers for more examples of the power of Cloud Sites.

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