Cloud Guru John Willis Catches Up with Mosso

What is this Rackspace cloud thing all about?

What is fabric cloud hosting vs. instance cloud hosting?

Will there become a time when Rackspace/Mosso customers can run applications across cloud infrastructure/platforms and dedicated hardware?

What are Mosso’s plans for international expansion?

What does the Jungle Disk acquisition mean for Rackspace?

Is Rightscale going to build on Mosso’s cloud?

If you’re curious to hear our perspective on these questions, check out this Cloud Café podcast where John Willis interviews Mosso co-founders Jonathan Bryce and Todd Morey and Rackspace’s Chief Strategy Officer Lew Moorman.


Father of two, mother of none. Rob has lived across the globe. He has moved back to San Antonio more times than most people move. Now he's here to stay (so he says!) Rob loves fixing things which explains his backgrounds in medicine, software quality assurance and customer care.


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