Cloud Images For The Open Cloud: Import, Export And Share Images

Have you ever wanted to boot a Cloud Server from a friend’s image, or using an operating system that Rackspace doesn’t offer? Do you want to be able to take a server image out of the Rackspace Cloud?

Thanks to the work of Rackspace specialists, now you can!

This week we’re bringing you Cloud Images, a cool new feature powered by OpenStack that opens up the cloud even more. The free service allows you to import, export and share images with other users.

With Cloud Images, you can now:

  • Share images with other users
  • Export images (subject to licensing restrictions) that you want to use elsewhere, or that you just want to maintain a copy of in a neutral location
  • Import custom images (subject to licensing restrictions) that Rackspace doesn’t offer

Keep in mind that all images are subject to licensing restrictions.

Cloud Images is now available through the Rackspace API, and our team of specialists is working diligently to make the service available in the Cloud Control Panel.

Did I mention that Cloud Images is free? You simply pay the normal image storage fee for the images you import (and of course you’ll be charged for any servers you build), but there’s no charge additional for performing an image import, export, or share.

Make sure to check out the Rackspace Knowledge Center to learn more about the Cloud Images features:

And don’t forget to leave comments or questions on the FAQ page. Keeping the line of communication open is important to us, so don’t hesitate to contact us directly at

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