Cloud Journey: Speed Up Images, Video, Audio And File Load Times

I’m sure you already know that load times for websites and applications matter on the Internet, so we won’t go into detail about trying to prove that point. But how can you decrease the load times for your site or app?

You can easily speed up your website by offloading static content (such as images, video, audio, basic HTML files, JavaScript and cascading style sheets) to a Content Delivery Network (CDN). With a CDN, your data is stored in edge locations all around the world—meaning that your data gets delivered faster. It simply doesn’t have to travel as far from the server to the end user.

Rackspace Cloud Files uses the blazing-fast Akamai CDN. And because it’s seamlessly integrated into Cloud Files, it’s super easy to use.

See It In Action

TruQC, a Rackspace customer, uses Cloud Files and the CDN capability in its iPad app. Hear TruQC’s story:

How To Implement?

  1. Log into the Cloud Control Panel.
  2. In Cloud Files, create a container and make it public (enable CDN). Remember that the container name should have no breaks, spaces or special characters; and unlike a folder or directory, a Container cannot have sub-directories. All your content will be at one level below the Container name.
  3. Upload your files into the container.
  4. After you’ve uploaded your file, you’ll see the file available in the Cloud Files list. Select the socket next to your file and then select View All Links and you’ll then be presented with four different ways to deliver your file over the CDN.

Learn more and see screen shots.

Have Questions?

Visit the Open Cloud Community, where we have set up a thread on this topic to answer any questions you have.

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