Cloud Mobile brings Cloud Files to your iPhone

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With only a week into the launch of our API, we already have many customers working away on really cool applications – one of those apps being Cloud Mobile, an iPhone app that has already hit the Apple App Store. The app was written by a Rackspace Cloud customer: Proactive Apps, LLC[2].

Cloud Mobile lets you manage your files stored on Cloud Files from the palm of your hand using your iPhone. It’s exciting to see software companies like Proactive Apps, LLC use our public REST API’s to build useful tools like this one. Founder of Proactive Apps, Marc Jones, quotes:

“We made the decision to support The Rackspace Cloud, and specifically Cloud Files, in the first version of Cloud Mobile based on their open, easy-to-use API and their support of open cloud standards.  The combination of Cloud Files strong feature set and the open API allowed us to create an iPhone app that leveraged both platforms.”

The app has numerous features, including a few surprises:



cloud_mobile_041 cloud_mobile_051 cloud_mobile_061 cloud_mobile_081cloud_mobile_091 cloud_mobile_101

What’s the surprise?” – We think the coolest things you can do with this app are:

1. Take a photo or video on your iPhone, upload it to Cloud Files, enable the CDN feature, and share the link.

2. Once you have photos, audio, and video on Cloud Files, you can stream them directly to your iPhone and view them in the native player at the click of  a button.

3. This is the easiest possible way to change the TTL of a CDN enabled item we’ve seen so far.

Marc Jones goes on to say:

“The integration of Cloud Files and Limelight provides unprecedented access to the power of the cloud and wide-scale, geographic distribution of your content and is the key differentiator for Cloud Files.  And now, you can manage your Cloud Files content and CDN access anytime, anywhere with Cloud Mobile.  Snap a pic or grab some video, upload it to Cloud Files, CDN enable your container with one touch, and share the link – it’s that easy.”

A future revision of this app will include support for management of other cloud services from The Rackspace Cloud[3] including Cloud Servers[4]. This app might just be the perfect companion for your iPhone.

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