Cloud Queues Available Now To All Cloud Customers

Over the next 24 hours, Rackspace Cloud Queues will be rolled out and made available to all Rackspace Cloud customers. We know that a queuing system keeps your application running, and that switching may be a daunting decision, so we’re giving away Cloud Queues for free until January 2014. Try it out, performance test it, get familiar with the API and don’t worry about the bill.

Cloud Queues, which is backed by the open source project Marconi, is built to address a variety of queuing needs, from managing application tasks to setting up a poll-based notifications system. The API is simple and flexible; designed to give users the underlying components needed to address application workflow. There are no limits on the number of queues or messages and no fees for message storage. It can currently handle workloads up to 300 requests per second.

We heard from you that preventing message loss is one of the most important factors of a queuing system. Cloud Queues is persistent and redundant, storing messages on three separate MongoDB nodes and making sure messages are on disk before returning a successful response.

We also know that Cloud Queues is just one of many pieces to your application, so traffic between Cloud Queues and other Rackspace resources in the same datacenter won’t incur any bandwidth fees. That being said, Cloud Queues can be accessed from any server, Rackspace hosted or not, over https.

You can enjoy the free period from now until January 2014. At that time, customers will get 1 million requests free each month. After that, requests will be billed at $0.01 per 10,000 and will include any requests to the Cloud Queues API. Standard bandwidth charges will incur for any traffic going outside of the datacenter.

Want to get started now? Find all of our documentation at, set up some queues via the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel and let our Fanatical Support team know if you need help.

Feel free to ask questions here or email me directly at Think the product is missing something? Tell us at


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