Cloud Security: Don’t Go It Alone

This is the sixth in a series of posts that will drill deeper into cloud security and some of the key questions it sparks. In the fifth installment, I highlighted somecompliance standards and regulations that keep the cloud secure. In this sixth installment, I will showcase some of our Rackspace Cloud Tools partners that focus on security in the cloud.

Cloud security isn’t a sprint – it’s a marathon. It can also be thought of as a relay: strong cloud security comprises products and services from various players. At Rackspace, we offer numerous cloud security options, but we also rely on partners to further fortify your cloud environments.

Through our Cloud Tools Marketplace, we offer you access to some best-in-class tools to tighten cloud security. Here, I’ll offer a glimpse at some of them (the full line-up of security partners in our Cloud Tools Program is here).


With its Halo offering, CloudPassage offers a robust cloud server security platform. Halo focuses on security at the server level and comes equipped with all of the security functions necessary to safely deploy servers in public and hybrid clouds. CloudPassage delivers dynamic firewall automation, multi-factor authentication, event logging and monitoring, RESTful API access and more to ensure your cloud servers are secure.

Check out an overview of CloudPassage Halo here:

Dome9 Security

Dome9 Security offers automated and centralized firewall management to secure cloud servers. With secure, on-demand access, Dome9 vows to make your cloud servers virtually invisible to hackers. Dome9 locks down the cloud with a multi-prong approach to security that includes secure remote access to all servers; centralized cloud security management; secure access leasing; account activity auditing; automated policy administration; zero-day security for vulnerabilities; and more.

Learn more about Dome9 security in this video:


Got big data security issues? Gazzang wants to help you solve them. Gazzang’s zNcrypt offers multi-factor data encryption and operational diagnostics solutions for the cloud and big data that help enterprises protect sensitive data and maintain performance in cloud environments. Gazzang provides easy, cross platform encryption and access controls while offering you assistance in enabling regulatory compliance.

Get a brief introduction to Gazzang zNcrypt here:


With its Cloud SMS (Cloud Security Monitoring Service) tool, StillSecure delivers a cloud instance-based security offering for cloud, hybrid and dedicated environments. Cloud SMS can quickly and easily secure cloud environments – no security experience required. Cloud SMS offers simple firewall control, single-policy management, IPv4 and IPv6 support, auditable configuration management and more.

Take a tour of Cloud SMS from StillSecure here:

If your company offers cloud-based security solutions and would like to learn more about becoming a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner, click here.

That’s it for this week. I hope you found it informative. Bookmark this page or follow me @jimbattenberg to keep up with security and other cloud developments at Rackspace.



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