Cloud Security In An Agile World

Recent activity with the Heartbleed vulnerability has the industry reeling and re-evaluating their security controls. We recently posted about the Rackspace response to this event, but while security is top-of-mind we’d like to share a new white paper on the topic of “Cloud Security in an Agile World.”

The conversation of “Why cloud?” has long since passed for many businesses and the question has transitioned into “How cloud?” and “Is it safe?” The value the cloud brings to a business is measured in many different ways, from speeding innovation, reducing time to market, streamlining operations to reducing capital expenditures. However, one of the largest inhibitors to cloud adoption remains concern around the security of leveraging a service provider in a multi-tenant environment. Much is at stake protecting your customers and your business, and naturally, you should be cautious. While some of these concerns are beginning to quell over time as cloud technologies continue to mature at a rapid pace, traditional controls and processes must adapt to new platforms, new development methodologies and advanced technologies. In this white paper, we discuss securing cloud applications in an agile world, in large part by security testing with the same agility.

  •  Managing Risk and Enabling the Business
  • Adapting Best Practices for Cloud
  • Testing at Cloud Speed
  • Hybrid Cloud Applications
  • Leveraging Cloud Tools Partners

Check out the full white paper, and be sure to share your feedback in the comment section below.