Cloud Servers Updates: 30 GB Instances, SQL 2008 Web Edition, 4 New Linux Distros

There have been many developments undergoing to further enhance Cloud Servers. We’ve recently made available 30GB instances, MSSQL 2008 R2 Web Edition for Windows Cloud Servers and added four new Linux operating system distributions.

Now Offering 30GB Instances

The 30GB instance comes with 1.2TB of disk and is targeted at customers that have database nodes and customers that have CPU, disk or memory intensive applications.

Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 Web Edition for Windows Cloud Servers

Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 Web Edition offers most of the functionality of Microsoft SQL Standard Edition but at a lower cost. Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 Web Edition is designed for companies who need to support public facing, high availability websites and applications.  It offers the needed balance of availability, scalability, and manageability at a low cost.  Common use cases include:

· Hosting websites and web applications (public facing)
· Developing and deploying websites and web applications
· Supporting web services

SQL Server 2008 Web Edition may not be used to support line-of-business applications (e.g. Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Management, SharePoint, and other similar applications) due to Microsoft licensing restrictions.

To find out which SQL Edition is right for you, click here.

4 New Operating System Distributions for Linux Cloud Servers

We added RedHat Enterprise (RHEL) 6.1, CentOS 6.0, Ubuntu 11.10, and openSUSE 12 to the family of Linux operating systems that we offer.

To our Cloud Servers customers, thank you for entrusting Rackspace with your business. We truly appreciate your business and I want to personally thank you for partnering with us.

Please continue to provide your feedback here as we add additional features and work to make Cloud Servers better for you.


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