Cloud Storage Gateways – a “Zero-Friction” Path to Rackspace Cloud Files


    This is a guest post written and contributed by Nicos Vekiarides, CEO of Twinstrata, a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner.

    Whether your applications are hosted in the Rackspace cloud or reside on-premise, there are a number of reasons to use a cloud storage gateway (e.g., TwinStrata CloudArray) to seamlessly and efficiently extend your storage capacity using Rackspace Cloud Files. With CloudArray and Cloud Files, you never have to worry about running out of storage and no longer have to settle for the cumbersome life cycle of purchasing and managing your own storage arrays. Instead, spin up one or many virtual storage arrays on-demand, as needed, wherever needed.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider deploying a cloud storage gateway with Cloud Files

    1) Makes cloud storage access as fast as local storage: The CloudArray cloud storage gateway is a physical or virtual appliance that, among other things, caches terabytes or even petabytes of cloud data on-premise so that it can be accessed as quickly as local storage. Dynamic caching enables tunable performance that rivals iSCSI storage arrays, without the costly capital expense. An iSCSI interface makes it compatible with nearly all applications.

    2) Fast, practical path to Cloud Files:  Cloud storage gateway uses range from off-site backup, storage tiering and replication to disaster recovery, and they are simple to deploy with CloudArray’s iSCSI connectivity that is compatible with nearly all applications. You can start small with minimal commitment or risk at pennies per GB/mo. With thin-provisioning, there is no need to over purchase storage capacity in bulk.

    3) Security: CloudArray offers data encryption in-flight and at-rest with local key management, meaning your data and encryption keys are safely in your control.


4) Address peaks and valleys in demand:  You business needs change dynamically and CloudArray and Cloud Files make it simple to add more storage capacity when your business needs it and delete it when it’s no longer necessary. You can easily support dynamic environments such as development, testing, analytics, or virtual environments.

    5) Use the Cloud for DR: With CloudArray, any site can be a disaster recovery site, including the Rackspace Cloud. Instant recovery means your data can be instantly available after a disaster, just by downloading a new virtual appliance and doing a 1-button restore. When using the Rackspace cloud, that means no dedicated DR server or storage infrastructure, offers huge cost savings over traditional DR.

    One final reason to consider using CloudArray and Cloud Files: Rackspace customers can now download a free CloudArray virtual appliance. Take advantage of our special offer with a free 1TB CloudArray appliance and experience first hand the many advantages enterprise-class cloud storage.

    Bob Bardwell works in Rackspace Corporate Development; his background includes financial statement and single audits. He enjoys golf, geopolitics, and networking.


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