Cloud Tools Solution Providers Help Power The Open Rackspace Cloud

Numerous cloud solution providers are joining Rackspace to drive innovation on the open cloud through the Rackspace Cloud Tools program.

These providers’ solutions are now available in the enhanced Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace, a catalog that comprises third-party developed applications built and designed for the open Rackspace Cloud. The marketplace serves as a gateway to an open ecosystem of cloud solutions and will give customers seamless access to a broad range of tools that support the open cloud.

The Cloud Tools Marketplace presents a powerful and comprehensive application storefront and a single web portal. Rackspace Cloud customers can now more easily browse through various categories of technologies, find specific solutions to address their business needs and connect with these applications that improve their cloud experience.  Applications available in the Cloud Tools Marketplace extend innovative capabilities to customers in a host of areas, including:

  • Cloud Management Platforms: Enstratus, RightScale, ScaleXtreme
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Cloudability, New Relic
  • Application Deployment: Standing Cloud
  • Security: CloudPassage, Dome9, StillSecure
  • Databases: Xeround, MongoLab
  • SMTP Email: SendGrid

Working with third-party application developers is an integral part of the open Rackspace Cloud and will enable our customers to use tools that boost their flexibility while also helping them avoid the trap of vendor lock-in.  With the launch of the open Rackspace Cloud, it has become even simpler for application developers to join the Cloud Tools program and leverage the portability of OpenStack.

To learn more about joining the program, visit:

For additional information and to check out the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace, head over to:

Additionally, for an overview of the enhanced features and functionality of the Cloud Tools Marketplace, we invite you to join Rackspace for a webinar Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2012. Register for the webinar at:


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