CloudU Is Back: Welcome To Our Social Learning LMS

As web applications, connected devices and the Internet of Things become more prominent, cloud computing has seeped into our personal and professional lives. But if you’re not savvy with system administration or computer programming languages, “the cloud” can be a confusing, abstract concept. If you fall in this camp, fear not – we’ve relaunched Cloud University, aka CloudU, to help you sharpen your cloud knowledge.

CloudU provides you with an overarching understanding of cloud hosting terms and concepts. Some of our written and visual content is delivered in a Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC, format. There are self-paced lessons, videos and interactive activities designed to be consumed in 10-minute increments. CloudU aims to make efficient use of your time by delivering relevant, high-value information about cloud hosting in a social learning environment.

CloudU is sponsored by Rackspace, but you can expect to find vendor neutral explanations of the cloud and cloud hosting concepts. The first MOOC for the relaunched CloudU is called the Evolution of a Solution. This MOOC will guide you through the concepts behind configuring a dedicated, virtualized and cloud environment. In addition to our own cloud professionals, guest contributors from EMC and the Open Cloud Academy, along with Andrea Bilobrk, industry analyst and author of Deconstructing Cloud, have provided insight and expertise to the first CloudU course.

While CloudU may be too elementary for developers, sys admins and engineers, it is ideal for those non-technical professionals, analysts, managers or anyone who simply wants to learn more about the cloud. You can earn web badges and a CloudU certification upon successful completion of the core curriculum to demonstrate mastery of cloud concepts.  And if you are a bit more technical, Rackspace also offers in-depth, technical OpenStack documentation and training resources.

So if you are looking to get started with this free online class and want access to industry related training resources, please visit our CloudU social learning management system (LMS) and sign up today.

See you on campus!

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  1. I am not able to acces ” ten CloudU lessons”. I can see the list but there are not video or documents for these lessons. how to access training and get certified.


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