#cloudchat Recap: AWS Implementation Stories

This week we hosted a special edition of #cloudchat. To round out our month-long AWS-themed discussion we had many users, including our own Rackers, tweeting live from the re:Invent floor! The experts discussed their experiences implementing AWS — the good and the bad — and which re:Invent announcements had them the most excited.

Our own Chief Evangelist, John Engates, joined our AWS Evangelist and Cloud Architect Erin Johnson in tweeting live from the conference. Also joining the discussion was Cloud Economist Corey Quinn, RackN’s Rob Hirschfeld, AWS’s Nathan Peck, RealSelf’s Ed Anderson and Cisco’s Maish Saidel-Keesing.

Together, our participants weighed in on some of the most pressing AWS questions:

  • Q1: What kinds of results have you seen after moving workloads to #AWS or deploying new workloads on AWS? #cloudchat
  • Q2: What’s the most successful #AWS project you’ve been a part of? What worked well? #cloudchat
  • Q3: When implementing #AWS have you found the migration and deployment phase to be particularly difficult or smooth? Why? #cloudchat
  • Q4: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced while implementing or operating #AWS? How did you overcome it? #cloudchat
  • Q5: What’s the biggest tip you’d give to an IT team that’s just about to begin a major #AWS implementation? #cloudchat
  • Q6: What’s the one thing that came out of #reinvent this year that you’re the most excited about? Why? #cloudchat

We asked cloud chatters to share their most successful migration stories. AWS’s Nathan Peck described a project he worked on for a social media app. He explained how they “took a monolithic backend and turned it into efficient and highly scalable microservices in Elastic Container Service.”

The journey of migrating to and deploying AWS can be complex and paved with challenges. Our experts said the best cure for a bumpy road is to plan from the beginning and define the cloud strategy.

A reoccurring theme we’ve seen in nearly every #cloudchat has been the need to learn from those who have been there before. So, we asked our experts to share their biggest tips for teams beginning a major AWS implementation.

Nathan said writing infrastructure code from the start is key, and Corey emphasized the need to lean on the people who understand AWS best to avoid major pitfalls.

Finally, on the heels of the re:Invent keynote, our cloud chatters shared what AWS updates they’re most looking forward to. From Aurora to Fargate — there is no doubting 2018 is going to be a big year in the cloud.

Enjoy this week’s AWS-themed #cloudchat? Explore our Twitter Moment to read more of the conversation and catch us each week in December as we turn our eyes to the future of the cloud.


Garrett Heath develops content and supports customers on the Rackspace Social Media team. His previous experience includes technical project management in the cloud, content marketing and social media marketing. He enjoys writing about how the cloud is spurring innovation and telling stories about the people behind the tech. You can also read his work at MarketingBytes.io. In his free time, Garrett writes about food and local San Antonio culture at SA Flavor.


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