#cloudchat Recap: AWS Trends and Strategies

With this year’s AWS re:Invent around the corner, we asked our experts to debate all things AWS in a four-part #cloudchat series.

Up first, we asked our #cloudchat experts to weigh in on the AWS trends and strategies they’re seeing — and if our first chat reflects the rest, November is bound to be full of riveting discussion.

Several key themes emerged from this week’s chat, including how AWS enables disruption of big industry players, how it consistently delivers innovative solutions and how any company growing rapidly is likely using AWS.

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Joining part one of our AWS-themed #cloudchat series was Rackspace’s own CTO John Engates, AWS Solutions Architect Jerry Hargrove and AWS Evangelist and Cloud Architect Eric Johnson. Also weighing in on AWS trends and strategies was Cybric’s mike d. kail, Trend Micro’s Mark Nunnikhoven, Electric IMP’s James Jackson, GreenPagesIT’s Chris Williams and IT consultant and writer Sean Kerner. Our experts discussed the following:

  • Q1: Sum up what #AWS offers businesses and developers in 10 words or fewer. #cloudchat
  • Q2: AWS adoption continues to grow at a rapid clip. What are the biggest factors driving it? #cloudchat
  • Q3: What are the biggest misconceptions about #AWS? #cloudchat
  • Q4: How does #AWS fit into a hybrid cloud strategy that also leverages private cloud and/or dedicated bare metal servers? #cloudchat
  • Q5: How is security and compliance different on #AWS compared to running workloads in your own data center? #cloudchat
  • Q6: Are there any emerging technologies (e.g., IoT, big data, machine learning) that #AWS is uniquely suited to support? Why? #cloudchat

Right out the gate, we asked our cloud-chatters to summarize what AWS has to offer in 10 words or fewer. Eric Johnson weighed in with “Low barrier of entry [and a] high possibility for results.”

Adding to this thought, James Jackson tweeted that AWS adoption is growing rapidly because startups can take on the big players — and that this has changed IT as we know it.

Not only does it level the playing field for IT giants and startups alike, but as mike d. kail put it, “AWS continues to deliver innovative solutions at warp speed. No other #cloud provider can match features & pricing pressure.”

As the conversation shifted to hybrid cloud strategy, Mark Nunnikhoven asserted that the main benefit to serverless is that it focuses on the business problem. (And if you’ve been keeping up with our weekly #cloudchat discussions, you know this is vital to ensure success.)

When it comes to security in AWS, you must take a different approach, according to John Engates: “Security in #AWS requires you forget about perimeter and think about security of each application individually. Zero trust.”

Finally, Jerry Hargrove explained that the largest AWS misconception is that it will solve all problems. This principle can be applied to the IT industry. Nothing is a complete solution —rather, you must know tech’s strengths and weakness to create a holistic strategy.

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