CloudKick: Drag & Drop EC2 Into SliceHost

Lew Moorman, president of Cloud and chief strategy officer, was out at the Under The Radar conference in Mountain View, CA last week. Under The Radar is billed as a “deep-dive into the cloud ecosystem uncovering who is behind the innovation AND the adoption.”

Among other things, Lew participated as a judge on a panel of cloud luminaries reviewing presentations made by emerging technology start-up representatives under the “Cloud Management” category.

Winning “Best In Show” at Under The Radar was a company offering a free cloud server management tool called CloudKick.  Alex Polvi, CEO of CloudKick, demonstrated a very impressive live migration of an Amazon EC2 machine image (or “instance”) to Slicehost (part of The Rackspace Cloud family) by using a feature called Cloud Shift built into their cloud management control panel.

What is CloudKick? Why would you want to use CloudKick? How easy is it to migrate a live image from Amazon EC2 to Slicehost using Cloud Shift? Watch this short video for answers.  We think these guys have promise and are onto a hot trend (wink wink).

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