CloudKick: Drag & Drop EC2 Into SliceHost

Filed in by Scott Carroll | April 28, 2009 11:41 am

Lew Moorman, president of Cloud and chief strategy officer, was out at the Under The Radar[1] conference in Mountain View, CA last week. Under The Radar is billed as a “deep-dive into the cloud ecosystem uncovering who is behind the innovation AND the adoption.”

Among other things, Lew participated as a judge on a panel of cloud luminaries reviewing presentations made by emerging technology start-up representatives under the “Cloud Management” category.

Winning “Best In Show” at Under The Radar was a company offering a free cloud server management tool called CloudKick[2].  Alex Polvi, CEO of CloudKick, demonstrated a very impressive live migration of an Amazon EC2 machine image (or “instance”) to Slicehost[3] (part of The Rackspace Cloud family) by using a feature called Cloud Shift built into their cloud management control panel.

What is CloudKick? Why would you want to use CloudKick? How easy is it to migrate a live image from Amazon EC2 to Slicehost using Cloud Shift? Watch this short video for answers.  We think these guys have promise and are onto a hot trend (wink wink).

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