CloudKick Helps You Keep Your Clouds in One Place

    Rackspace wasn’t the first cloud out there and we appreciate the need to keep cloud monitoring easy.  For customers who started off on one cloud hosting provider but ended up also using us as well, there is CloudKick.  CloudKick allows you to monitor instances on Ec2, SliceHost and the Rackspace Cloud.


    The CloudKick interface allows you to tag your instances so they are easy to find, color code them so you don’t accidentally shut off something you shouldn’t, check the states of your instances, as well as SSH in.  You can batch monitor instances as well as check out graphs to see how you are doing.   If you don’t want to check into the CloudKick interface all the time, set up monitoring alerts to send to your email.

    We will be featuring CloudKick again soon as they will be launching new cool features soon.  Follow @cloudkick and their founder @polvi on Twitter for more information.  If you’ve used CloudKick before, please check into our Rackspace Cloud Tools site and leave a review for it.


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