CloudKick Now Offers Premium Edition for Better Server Monitoring

    CloudKick’s new version has been highly anticipated by many in the startup community.  We are happy to announce that a bigger, badder version of CloudKick is now available to our customers.

    According to the CloudKick blog, new, premium features include:

    Monitoring Upgrades: Now, users can easily track a wide array of performance metrics, sending alerts at custom thresholds to different addresses. Paid subscriptions support sending SMS alerts – allowing users to instantly respond to infrastructure problems.

    The Cloudkick Agent: provides on-machine monitoring for cloud servers. It’s written in C, is very high performance, and has a very low memory footprint. The Cloudkick Agent records disk usage, bandwidth, CPU usage (including “steal time” on most providers), and more. Data collected from the agent goes right into Cloudkick’s graphing engine, making it easy to visualize what’s happening to a servers.

    On-machine Diagnostics: Cloudkick now offers a new, sophisticated way for users to diagnose problems. When combined with an installed agent, our diagnostics interface provides on-machine troubleshooting tools that give users the ability to view how much memory and CPU each process is using, right from the dashboard.

    Pricing starts at $99 a month for five nodes.

    Have questions beyond this?  You can ask me, but you are much better off meeting CloudKick founder Alex Polvi and asking him yourself.   He’ll be hosting a webinar next Thursday at 1 PM CST and can go over anything you’d like to learn about CloudKick’s new features.  Sign up here.

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