Cloudkick, Now Supporting Windows

Filed in by Angela Bartels | September 8, 2010 2:30 pm

Cloudkick, a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner[1], has released their support for Windows. This comes in perfect timing with the release of Rackspace Cloud Servers for Windows[2]. So what does this mean? If you’re running Windows on Rackspace Cloud Servers, you can now leverage the power of Cloudkick’s management and monitoring tools to streamline deployment and ongoing management.

Benefits of using Cloudkick with your Windows deployment include:

Click here to learn more. [3][4]

Dan Di Spaltro, [5]CTO Cloudkick, will be leading a webinar on how you can manage Windows in the Cloud. In this webinar, Dan will cover:

Date of the Webinar: Tues, Sep 21st
Time: 1pm CDT

Click here to sign up. [6]

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