Cloudkick Webinar Recap: Managing Windows in the Cloud

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This post was written and contributed by Dan Di Spaltro[1], Founder of Cloudkick, a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner[2].

We were very happy to participate in a webinar with the Rackspace Cloud talking about managing Windows Servers in the Cloud[3].

Managing infrastructure on the Cloud, or anywhere for that matter, is a tough proposition.  Windows infrastructure is no exception.  Rackspace has focused on making the provisioning process straightforward so it was a natural step to help the management and monitoring.  Getting alerts upon failures, spotting hot-spots with your data, graphing any metric you want and supporting Windows/Linux hardware side by side with cloud, dedicated and fully managed.

Key points covered:

The Cloudkick delivery model, briefly in the webinar, eliminates the need to update the agent software.   We focused on creating a very flexible model for adding new checks in the Cloudkick  system.  When Cloudkick adds a new check, the code is signed, encrypted and sent to a 3rd party CDN for delivery to each agent.

Again, a special thanks to the Rackspace Cloud team for putting together such a successful event! Click below to watch the full webinar.


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