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CloudPassage: Secure Your Cloud Servers

CloudPassage was founded in early 2010 by security experts with decades of technology experience including the development of early virtualization security solutions. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, CloudPassage is backed by Benchmark Capital, Tenaya Capital and other leading investors.

CloudPassage Halo is the award-winning cloud server security platform with all the security functions you need to safely deploy servers in public and hybrid clouds. Everything you need to secure your cloud servers. And it’s free for up to 25 servers.

“Everyone realizes that they need some kind of security on their systems, but its second priority. As soon as there is some kind of breach where their customer looses confidence…that impact’s their business,” says Rand Wacker, VP of Product Management with CloudPassage.

“Our goal is to automate everything that they care about from firewalling, to multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection, and host scanning that you would normally have taken care of by an IT team in a traditional big data center. We do that automatically in the public cloud environment by integrating into your cloud server,” concludes Wacker.

CloudPassage current product features include vulnerability scanning, configuration security, server account administration, security event logging and alerting, and dynamic management of host-based firewalls.

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This is a post written and contributed by Robert Scoble.

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