CloudTran Offers Transaction Processing Built on the Rackspace Cloud

    This is a guest post written and contributed by Matthew Fowler, CTO for CloudTran, a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner.

    The exciting thing about the cloud – for application architects – is the jump in scale: some applications now serve millions of online users in fractions of a second with information refined from huge amounts of data.

    This category of application has big data, heavy processing, and high transactions-per-second. At a certain level, the cheapest and best solution is an in-memory architecture (see RAMClouds), which explains why every industry player is betting on some sort of “in-memory database/data grid” product – the industry trends point inexorably to this solution for high-value web sites.

    What’s exciting is that the scale, reach, and low cost of this jump in scale will make a whole new raft of applications commercially and technically viable.

    The Problem
    However, the problem with cloud architectures for mission-critical applications revolves around ACID transactions – specifically, the lack of them. Brilliant engineers have tried to use existing techniques such as distributed transactions (e.g., XA) to provide scalable applications with ACID support. This effort has failed because distributed transactions are too slow and unreliable.

    The CloudTran Approach
    The CloudTran solution is to unbundle transaction management from the data stores (i.e., databases, document stores).
    This echoes the approach of Unbundling Transaction Services in the Cloud – which proposed an approach to scaling cloud databases, by unbundling the transaction management from the data storage functions.

    Being Upfront
    Successful companies in the future will need faster web sites that calculate more refined intelligence from deeper analysis of personal preferences and social trends. To achieve this, live data will need to move to the front – alongside the processing of services and events – rather than stored in a separate database tier.

    The upside of the move is increased competitiveness and the ability to serve a global customer base. The challenge is the uncertainty as new tools are adopted, and risks in strategy and execution. CloudTran’s strong, scalable transactionality linking to standard databases gives architects and developers a familiar reference point.

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