CloudU Adds WordPress Learning Series To 2015 Course Lineup

The cloud is another year older but ambiguity still lingers around what the cloud actually is and what it does. Built-in-the-cloud companies like Facebook, Netflix and Dropbox have popularized massively scalable and shareable applications that are easy to navigate and consume. They’ve created the gold standard for accessing software and growing a business on the cloud.

But how do newcomers to the cloud obtain the right skills to aim in that direction? The challenges and barriers to becoming a cloud expert are often unique to each generation of IT worker. Tech-savvy millennials—those with their whole careers ahead of them—may find rigorous cloud computing classes and degrees hard to find. Many Gen X-ers working as IT professionals find themselves working with proprietary software and legacy systems that will be the last to evolve to a cloud-based solution. Meanwhile, Boomers looking to extend their careers in IT are often hesitant about investing time and money for online or classroom-based training.

CloudU is launching a series of learning programs in 2015 aimed at making the cloud more accessible and easier to understand, no matter where you’re at in your IT career. The learning series is designed to reduce the ambiguity about the role of the cloud in a rapidly evolving IT industry. It gives you a foot in the cloudy door.

The first learning series will focus on installing, designing and implementing a fully functional WordPress site hosted on Cloud Sites, a Rackspace offering that features a five-minute deployment. Similar to the Managed Cloud offering Rackspace is known for, the Cloud Sites deployment allows you to focus on learning WordPress and not worry about configuring and maintaining the IT infrastructure running below it.

If you’re not familiar with WordPress, it’s a free, open-source content management system (CMS) used by many top companies like Best Buy, GM and Samsung. It’s also known for its ease of use and very active global community. Combining these features with the One-Click WordPress Install on Cloud Sites offering is a great fit for CloudU students and graduates.

The Cloud Sites sandbox is a special feature of this learning series. Learners will be able to create a free 30-day Cloud Sites trial account to use as they progress through the learning series at their own pace. In addition to learning how to install and design a WordPress site, learners will have access to business insights on project management, working with clients, search engine optimization (SEO) and WordPress best practices from industry leaders.

Keeping with the crowdsourcing model used to develop all CloudU content, this learning series came out of ongoing collaboration with some of the industry’s top WordPress designers and agencies, including The WordPress Guy at Rackspace, webTegrity, KiloThought Media and humanmade.

The WordPress learning series will be available on January 21, but you don’t have to wait to start learning about the cloud. Register or log in now to get full access to the CloudU Certification program—The Introduction to Web Hosting and Big Data Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Millennials, Gen X-ers and Boomers, what are you waiting for? Class is always in session at CloudU!

Steven Villarreal was a Senior Learning & Development Strategist for Rackspace. He spent his time collaborating with content contributors inside and outside of Rackspace developing vendor neutral content for the CloudU program. When he’s not in meetings, he can be found researching the latest adult learning trends and technology.


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