CloudU Certificate–A Quick Plug

Most readers will know that over the past year I have been very busy running CloudU, a broad-based Cloud education program that I created with the support of Rackspace.

The program has met with amazing support – the whitepapers have been extensively read, the webinars well patronized and the initial eBook has met with positivity. The natural next step was to try and fill the hole that exists in our industry around the lack of formal qualifications, which is where the CloudU certificate comes in.

Especially in these times of difficult economic conditions and rapidly changing technology environments, giving IT professionals and business people a certificate that they can use to boost their resume, keep abreast of a developing technology arena and provide a background understanding when talking to other people within their organization is really valuable.

What are the benefits of the certificate?

• Demonstration of professional development in the area of Cloud Computing.
• A technical understanding of the foundations of Cloud Computing as compared to traditional IT.
• Understanding of how business can integrate Cloud Computing into their IT infrastructure.
• Ability to create economic value within a business organization through the implementation of Cloud innovations.
• Understanding of the issues associated with integrating Cloud Computing into an organization’s existing compliance, risk and regulatory framework.

Steps to Certification

10 Lessons with a Quiz. The program itself includes 10 individual lessons, each of which have a quick post-lesson quiz.
Final Exam. At the end of that there is an exam, success in which entitles the participant to justifiable announce with price that they have gained the CloudU certificate.

I’m personally proud of the program, and thankful to the team at Rackspace who have invested in it and resisted any temptation to turn it into a marketing exercise. CloudU really is a vendor neutral program – I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


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