CloudU Series: Say Goodbye to DIY Data Centers

One of the arguments opponents use against a move towards outsourced technology is the contention that it’s just as easy to build infrastructure within an organization. In the latest CloudU report, we take a deep dive into what goes on, both physically and virtually, to create a world-class data center; and use this explanation to contend that centralized (and by extension cloud) really is the way to obtain your infrastructure.

In a report that can be seen of something as a partner to the special Earth Day report, the DIY Data center report looks at all aspects of what goes into a modern data center and looks at the building blocks – from external physical security through to load balancing and DNS-as-a-service.

While we’re often telling people that one of the benefits of cloud is that it allows organizations to “forget” about the nuts and bolts of technology and simply get on with doing their business, we’re also aware that to make an informed decision, it really is important to, well, be informed. As we say in the executive summary;

As IT increases in complexity each year, many small and medium businesses have little or no understanding of what a move to Cloud Computing really means in terms of that it enables users to forget about technology and concentrate on their core business, this lack of information can create doubts about the value of moving to the Cloud.  Many of these fears have been created by traditional vendors wishing to cast doubt on the ability of Cloud Computing to provide a truly robust and secure level of service

To this end we look at all aspects of the data center and finish up by having a look at the different ways in which Cloud infrastructure can be delivered.

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Date: Thursday, April 29th

Time: 2pm CDT

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