Clustrix: The Leader in NewSQL Databases

Clustrix is the leader in NewSQL databases for transactional big-data applications. It enables fast-growing online businesses to rapidly scale to unlimited users, transactions and data, with no database sharding and full ACID compliance. Clustrix offers a radically simple yet powerful distributed database solution in the form of a MySQL-compatible appliance.

“There are multiple types of databases usages that people need to design for,” explains Sergei Tsarev, CTO with Clustrix. “When you look at a modern application, there’s really a whole set of databases that are employed; tech search databases, graph databases, operational data store, analytics, key value object storage, and it’s a challenge for Clustrix to explain where exactly we fit in. We are going right after the operational data store. This is the heart of the system; this is the primary authoritative source for the data for the application.”

Creating a Clustrix cluster is easy: just add one or two interconnect switches to three or more appliances or nodes. No matter the number of appliances, they appear as a single database that is managed from a single console. Simply plug in more pre-configured nodes for additional space and transactional throughput.

With optimized MySQL-compatible software and hardware together, the Clustrix appliance delivers optimal performance right out of the box, without any tuning or guesswork. Since each node is pre-configured, installation and management is greatly simplified.

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