Combating Today’s Cyberthreats Requires a Focus Shift

The cyberthreat landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, with attackers finding their way into some of the world’s largest, most well-resourced organizations. It seems nothing can stop the criminals from continually picking the locks.

In many cases, the tactics used by hackers weren’t even especially sophisticated. The malicious actors were simply determined to identify and exploit known vulnerabilities in complex ecosystems. This is the new normal.

Even the most advanced approaches and technologies cannot guarantee that a network won’t be compromised. These approaches can deter, but they cannot prevent.

To win, we must start by changing the way we think of security. We must accept that we cannot always prevent an attack — but we can minimize its impact on the business. We must expand our focus from not only preventing threats but also rapidly detecting, analyzing and responding to them.

To help you make this critical shift, we’re dedicating our latest issue of Rack Connection to this important topic. You’ll discover:

It is the responsibility of every organization to be proactive and develop the capabilities to remediate threats as soon as they occur. You may want to begin with the assumption that somebody has gained access to your network and is doing something malevolent. If your organization doesn’t have internal resources to respond to such a scenario, it’s time to pull in a service provider that has the expertise to counter a threat before it impacts the business.

Take your next step toward protecting your organization. Get the guidance you need, in our latest issue of Rack Connection.

Robert Sawyer heads up product marketing for Rackspace Managed Security, an industry-leading offering delivering rapid detection and remediation of advanced cyber threats. He has more than 15 years experience in the IT industry, in roles ranging from portfolio marketing to development, test automation and infrastructure management. He’s worked in over a dozen programming languages and might still be able to write Hello World in one of them. Follow him on Twitter @rsawyer42 for tips on hoops, guitar and raising four rowdy boys.


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